Book your Easter hunt and craft experience now!!

We are delighted to be taking bookings for our very first Easter hunt and craft experience !!

On the 16th, 17th and 18th of April we will be hosting an Easter hunt and craft experience.

Your children will each get to hunt along an obstacle course with various challenges, each successful challenge will be rewarded with a plastic egg that they have to collect along the way.

Once your child has completed their course they will get to put their hands into a lucky dip and pull out which craft they will complete in the Creator studio.

If your child collects all for challenge eggs from their course they will get the chance to lucky dip in the golden egg box !! If they are lucky enough to pick a golden egg they will win a super dooper chocolate egg to enjoy !!!

Only 6 golden eggs are available over the weekend so they will have to have a lot of luck !

Some of the challenges !!

Your children will have the chance to attack four challenges on the course they choose to hunt, each of the four courses will have different challenges.

Each challenge will have a time limit from 1 minute to 3 minutes to complete.

After the course is complete each child gets to lucky dip for the craft they will make in the studio.

Each successfully completed challenge will be rewarded with a coloured egg, collect all four eggs and win a chance to dip for a golden egg !!!

These are just a few of the challenges, that will need to be solved over the weekend !!

One lock three keys ……… Quickly race against time to find the key that fits the Easter bunny’s locker and find an egg!

Pop the balloons ……… You only have a short time to pop the balloons filled with various surprises to find the coloured egg !!

Balance beam ……. Balance on one foot on a beam while holding a raw egg on a spoon while under time pressure, last the time and win the coloured egg !!

Slime box…… put your hands into a box with unknown objects and slimy slime and try and find your coloured egg !! Be brave and fast because you are against the clock !!!

Catapult the cups ……. You will have a limited amount of time to use the rubber catapult and knock down the plastic cups !! Find your coloured egg and win !!!

Catch the chicks …… Use your fishing rod to catch the chicks in the pond, catch them all and win the coloured egg !!

These are only a few examples of the challenges your children will face !!

How much does it cost?

The cost for our Easter hunt and craft experience is €18 per child.

This includes :-

A 30 minute hunt and craft experience!!

15 minutes on our Easter hunt course, completing various challenges along the way.

15 minutes in our studio creating the craft project that they won on the challenge hunt.

An Easter goody bag for every child !!

To book your place, please use the form below

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